New Spiritual Answers to Life’s Big Questions presents new spirituality concepts in clear and inspirational style to enlighten the open-minded seeker on a spiritual path.
The book is based on the belief that human beings are physical manifestations of eternal souls, who are part of a divine spirit. Everything in the universe is part of the God source, and each human is a tiny part of a large organism that is comprised of light and love.
Human beings incarnate on earth again and again, with the purpose of learning and evolving, ultimately obtaining communion with our divine source. When we are not on earth, we exist in a non-physical dimension, where we completely understand our divine nature and purpose. But when we incarnate into
physical form, we forget who we truly are; our true nature is hidden behind a veil of forgetfulness, so that we can fully engage in the experience of human life.
All souls will sooner or later embark on a path of enlightenment. This is a time where many are awakening, and more will follow. There are many books, websites, and other resources available to help and inspire each individual in the process.
My purpose for presenting this information is to share the ideas and thoughts and resources that have shaped my process of awakening in the hopes
that others will find it inspirational on their own spiritual journey.
About the Book